Welcome to Integrated Living Services

Image 2It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Integrated Living Services staff. It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy working with other members of the staff, the clients, the families and others who are affiliated with the agency programs. It is our hope that your new position will bring you personal growth and satisfaction and an opportunity for continued development.

 What is Integrated Living Services

Integrated Living Services (ILS) is a private, not-for-profit organization, which provides residential services for people with disabilities. ILS is an outgrowth of a parent cooperative preschool that operated in the 1970’s before public law 94-142 and Washington House Bill 90, which guaranteed the right to a public education for all children regardless of handicapping condition. A number of these parents, all of whom had children with severe disabilities, realized that residential options for their children were limited to foster care or institutional placement. They decided to open a group home that would meet the specialized needs of their children. Integrated Living Services still operates one group home program and also supports many people in our Supported Living Programs.

 What is the Purpose of Integrated Living Services?

The primary purpose of Integrated Living Services is to provide residential services to individuals with disabilities. The overall goal of Integrated Living Services is to affect an improved quality of life for the individuals served, including a good place to live, meaningful day activities, community integration and the support of friends, family and the community.

When was Integrated Living Services Formed?

Integrated Living Services was incorporated in 1974 and the group home opened in January of 1983. Our Supported Living program opened in October 1996. Until November of 1998, we were known as South King County Group Home Association (SKCGHA). The agency’s name was changed to reflect our changing and expanding residential service options. Integrated Living Services currently operates Supported Living Programs primarily in South King County. However, ILS is happy to serve clients anywhere in King County where our services are needed.


Mission Statement

Integrated Living Services is committed to creating and maintaining residential services for individuals with developmental challenges. It is the express purpose of the agency to assist its clients in the realization of increased independence, self-esteem and respect from other community members. Integrated Living Services places a high priority on providing these individuals with a lifestyle at least as good as their non-disabled peers in the least restrictive and most supportive manner possible. Importance is placed on developing and maintaining close relationships with family, friends and members of the community.